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The musings of a fanfiction writer with attitude!

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Hello there,

I'm WendWriter. I like writing all kinds of stories, songs and poems. I'm a movie buff and total bookworm. My websites, Archives of Excellence and The Golden Quill Awards have been set up to honour those writers of various fandoms who are worthy of praise and deserve to be recognised. However, cyberbullies and trolls of every stripe are barred from participating in my awards programs and other online activities. People who make targets of other people and work to ruin other people's reputations are not welcome on any of my e-spaces.

I have NO desire to associate in any way with people who behave badly towards anyone, anywhere. People who refuse to accept that are welcome to set up their own awards, etc. It's not hard.

I am ever helpful to those who want to improve their writing, offering help, advice and occasional editing services to people who have a good idea for a story but can't execute it very well. Those of you who are curious to know about the calibre of stories I write can find them on fanfiction.net and here on my blog, where I write for the Tolkien legendarium, and other fandoms.

I have my own forum on fanfiction.net, "Can We Talk?" where friends come to kibbitz about canon, help each other out, and occasionally swap jokes.

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