March 7th, 2010


An Open Letter to Everyone

Well, it's come to this: I'm out of the Tolkien fandom on LJ and associated fansites.

This means I won't be posting stories anywhere except and my own blogs, and will not take part in the contests or challenges I usually participate in. I've left of my own accord, not because of the people behind all the wank, but because everybody else has either deserted me or sided with the people who have been trying to push me out for over three years. In this fandom, drama is common, and includes intimidation, harassment and other unpleasantness that everyone else ignores because they don't want to deal with it.

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To be a target is to be alone. "Wendy's the target 'cause y'all won't stop talking about her."

Anyone who thinks this crap will stop because I've quit the Tolkien fandom is wrong. It's not going to stop until I quit everything. But as long as I've got one friend to stick by me in the other places I post, I'll stay in those places.

Just sayin'.