March 3rd, 2010

Rainbow Write

Archives of Excellence Fanfiction Library

Due to repeated requests from writers wanting to have more control over their profiles and content at the Archives of Excellence, I've decided to set up a website appended to the rec site where they can upload their own stuff at will: Archives of Excellence Fanfiction Library.


* Writers can upload their own stories.

* Original fiction is welcome.

* Non-stories such as lists, scripts, essays, owners' manuals and the like are welcome.

* The site offers default icons. I'm in the process of working out how to add more. Bear with me.

* Links to the associated sites, blogs and communities provides continuity.

* High quality fare is guaranteed as each writer is asked to apply before registering. Featured authors on the Archives of Excellence rec site are exempt from this - I already know they're absolutely brilliant.

Feel free to email me at to make suggestions for improving the site. Comments at the Archives of Excellence at LiveJournal community are also welcome. I'll start a page for it there.

GQ Awards


I've added a post to the Archives of Excellence at LiveJournal community for nominations. It's a copy of the 2010 nominations page at the Golden Quill Awards. I'll update it whenever a nominee gets back to me.

This year, there's not a category for drabbles. I considered the matter carefully and came to the conclusion that it would be better to have drabbles as a subcategory per genre. Therefore they're still represented. (Worry not, Linda!)*

I'm hoping to get lots of nominations for Crime, Thriller and Tragedy, which got none last year. There's plenty of time, but it'd be great to get a load in now. If I'm not having to wait for authors to get back to me in June, i.e. most nominations are confirmed, I may decide to extend the nomination period. I just wanted to give myself enough time to get it all done so I'm not in a rush on June 30th. I'll be making up the polls during June anyway, and they'll go live on July 1st.

*Just kidding. Lindahoyland won the Drabbles category last year. And Drama. And Family. How many will she win this year? You decide.