wendwriter (wendwriter) wrote,

One day at a time

It's a very slow process, but I'm starting to feel better. Blessed normality and finding more distractions is definitely doing me good. Last night Richard and I went to dinner with the neighbours who have come to us for dinner a few times.

Shirley did a lovely chicken dinner served with a lovely white wine. Richard and I provided dessert. It was Shirley's birthday recently, so he baked her a banana cake deluxe. This had walnuts, cherries and dried fruit in it. Very nice. I made a trifle from scratch. Sort of. I got some jelly from the shop and poured boiling water over it. I added dried sponge fingers and left it to set. Later, I made some custard and poured that over the set jelly. Then I whipped some cream up and added Butterscotch Angel Delight, then topped the lot with sugar strands. The custard was a bit runny, but man, it tasted good! Richard also made an apple pie.

Three dessert items in one night! Such debauchery! Guilty as charged. *Raises hand* I was so stuffed afterwards I had to kick back on the sofa for a while. Richard showed them our holiday photos from the Irish holiday. Good times!

There's still some stuff rumbling away in the background, but as I've always said, anyone who wants to find the truth has only got to look, but they must do so by themselves without any "guidance" from others - not even me. That's HOW to make your own mind up. Otherwise, you'll come to a conclusion that is not your own.

Just sayin'.

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