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The Golden Quill Awards are GO!!

Ladies and gentlemen, the Golden Quill Awards has opened for business. Nominations can be made today by replying to the relevant posts on the site blog.  There's one for each genre.


RomanceScience Fiction



  • Fanfiction stories from every fandom are eligible to participate, but they should be nominated according to genre.
  • Stories that are not of the genre nominated for will be disqualified.
  • The same story cannot be nominated in subsequent years.
  • Only complete stories are eligible.
  • Authors cannot be nominated more than twice in the same category.
  • Categories will be subdivided by story length: Drabble; 100 - 5000 words; 5000 - 20,000 words; 20,000 +. 
  • Nominees should be informed that they are being nominated, and invited to participate.
  • Nominees need to email us on admin@archives-of-excellence.9f.com to have their stories added to the poll. Nominees who do not acknowledge their nominations will not have their stories added to the poll.
  • Writers are welcome to nominate their own stories.
  • There is a limit of twenty nominations for this year's Awards per person. This may change next year.
  • Stories of a rating of NC17 or higher are not acceptable for these awards.
  • Polls will be used to determine the winner. Polls close on 31st August 2010.

What I do is contact the nominee and say, "I'd like to nominate your story, 'X,' for the Golden Quill Awards. If you're happy with this, please let me know, then email admin@archives-of-excellence.9f.com to accept your nomination. To find out more, please go to golden-quills.9f.com. All the details are there."

Nominations for any fandom are welcome.
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