wendwriter (wendwriter) wrote,

Skinny Dipping

Well I decided that, what with other changes I've been making lately, it would be a good idea to change my profile theme. I'm sure the makers of the current skins did a great job, but I'm a fussy so-and-so: for me, it was more than a case of choosing one that didn't burn my retinas. I liked the old aqua one, but this new one is a lot lighter and brighter.

I'm being fussy because what I'd really like is to be able to totally customise my blog so it looks the way I want it to look, with my own banners and preferred layout. I get a bit jealous of the pretty skins other people have, and from what I understand, you have to have a paid account to be able to install them. I've seen some really excellent ones while I went looking for a replacement for the old one. Oh, I'm cheap, I admit it.

I have found ways around the system to get my own stuff in, and am pleased that at least I can add custom blocks that include icons and titlebars from my other sites and communities.

While I'm on the subject, I've revamped and cleared out the old Dratted Thing (I got frustrated while setting it up because the system wouldn't let me have the name I wanted) community, which was intended as a private space for chatting to my friends. It didn't get much use so I've renamed it "Writers' Rendezvous" and have set it up to take submissions from writers who want to discuss their original works, be they scripts, novels or short stories. Like my other stuff, add as friend for posting privileges - the link is on my sidebar.

I'm still working on my fanfiction archive project. When it's ready, I'll announce it with great fanfare and link it on all  my e-spaces. The idea is that Excellent writers will be able to upload stuff at will instead of asking me to link it for them at the rec site. The Archives of Excellence rec site will remain, and will be used as a gateway to the new site for a seamless experience. I intend to move the featured writers' profiles to the new site eventually, which will give them full control over them. The monthly writing challenge entries will continue to be linked there, and I hope to add a forum to it later on.

So I've got all that lot and the Golden Quill Awards starting up tomorrow! Busy, busy, busy! But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Tags: the golden quill awards, this is my life

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