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Well, the polls are up for this month's writing challenge. Entrants include

The Weasleys Wizard Wheeze Displeases (Harry Potter/Shrek)

Thiotimoline Under Water (Spongebob Squarepants/Isaac Asimov)

Brave Enough (Harry Potter/Narnia)

The Scream (LOTR/Just William)

A Week In The Life Of A Simian Bibliophile (The fandoms are, in order of appearance: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Slatibartfast), The Neverending Story (Bastin, Karl Konrad Koreander), Japer Fforde (Thursday Next), Bridget Jones (Bridget, Jude and Shaz), Bible (Evangelist Luke), Lord of The Rings (Gandalf), Star Trek (Ryker and Data) and Pride and Prejudice (Lizzy and Mr Bennet))

Have a read through these quality fics and vote for the two you like the most here.

Anyone who wants to take part in these challenges but doesn't have a fanfiction.net account - let me know, and I'll set up the polls on proprofs instead. I want to make this as open as possible.